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Our Books and Exhibition Catalogs feature the Korean art forms of Bojagi and Joomchi


Making Bojagi Instruction Leaflet

This  illustrated guide provides step-by-step instructions for three types of bojagi seaming, traditional embellishments,  plus images of traditional bojagi and project ideas.

16 pages, color, printed on heavy stock,   $US15.00 plus shipping

Korea Bojagi Forum Exhibition Catalogs

KBF 2016: Bojagi – The Living Tradition

The 196 page full-color catalog documents the 9 fiber art exhibitions held during the Korea Bojagi Forum in held September, 2016  in Suwon-Hwasung, Korea. Six galleries hosted a wide variety of bojagi-inspired art exhibitions, solo and group exhibitions, and a Joomchi (fused, layered paper) art exhibition. All of the exhibitions featured Korean and International artists. The conference, with its related lectures, workshops and exhibitions was organized by Chunghie Lee.

186 Color Photos, 196 pages, Paper,  $US 30 plus shipping

KBF 14: From Traditional Textile to Contemporary Sustainable Art


This 188-page full-color catalog documents the exhibitions of the 2014 Korea Bojagi Forum held on Jeju Island, Korea. The KBF focuses on the Korean tradition of wrapping cloths, or bojagi. As the highlight of the conference, five Galleries in Jeoji Artists Village hosted exhibitions of bojagi-inspired artworks by Korean and International artists, plus an exhibition of antique bojagi and a special exhibition of paper works based on the Korean tradition of Joomchi (fused, layered paper). There were also three solo textile art exhibitions, and a special exhibition of five collaborative pieces by university students from the US, Romania, Cambodia, and Korea. The conference, with its related lectures, workshops and exhibitions was organized by Chunghie Lee.

223 Color Photos, 188 pages, Paper, $US 30 plus shipping

KBF 2012: From Rich Tradition to Contemporary Art

image of KBF_Frontcover

This 180-page full-color catalog documents 6 group exhibitions and 6 solo exhibitions of bojagi-inspired artworks by Korean and International artists who participated in the 2012 Korea Bojagi Forum in Seoul. Artists from ten countries are represented with fabric and paper (joomchi) works. There is an exhibition of bojagi-inspired wearable art, as well as solo shows by artists Wang, Kyunghae (Korea), Nancy Crasco (USA), Nina Bondeson (Sweden), and Fiona Kirkwood (South Africa). All of the works chosen for these exhibitions relate to the concepts of wrapping and/or patchwork, the Korean tradiiton of Bojagi that has inspired artists throughout the world. The conference and its related lectures, workshops and exhibitions were organized by Chunghie Lee

170 Color Photos, 181 pages, Paper, $US 25 plus shipping

Bojagi & Beyond II by Chunghie Lee

image of Bojagi & Beyond front cover

Korean fiber artist Chunghie Lee has found inspiration for her art work and fashion designs in bojagi, Korea’s wrapping cloth tradition. She discusses history and traditional uses for wrapping cloths and gives step by step illustrated instructions for the special seaming techniques for making a variety of bojagi, including several patchwork versions, and much more. For inspiration, new sections have been added to this edition on designing for bojagi and on contemporary art applications for bojagi. Seven projects are provided, including traditional items, wall hangings, bojagi garments, and a bojagi sculpture. Photo galleries of Lee’s artworks and of bojagi-inspired works by international artists highlight the many possibilities for using this elegant art form.

176 Pages, Paper; 2 38Color Photos, 1 B/W Photo, 34 Color Illustrations, 112 B/W Line Drawings,  ISBN 978-0-9830029-2-5

US $38.00 plus shipping

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Joomchi & Beyond by Jiyoung Chung

Limited supply remaining

joomchi cover

Jiyoung Chung explores the unique Korean papermaking tradition (Joomchi) that inspires her contemporary art works. In joomchi, layers of mulberry paper bond together with only water and eager hands, in a process similar to felting. Chung acquaints readers with the history and role of Joomchi in Korean culture, and explains the hands-on techniques. She provides step-by-step instructions for making four types of traditional Joomchi and ten contemporary variations. Projects and surface treatment options are also presented. A 50-page photo gallery of Chung’s art works illustrates the versatility of this intriguing art form.

470 Color Photos 4 Color Drawings, 15 B/W Line Drawings, 144 pages, Paper; ISBN 978-0-9830029-1-8

US $38 plus shipping

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  • JiyoungChung_joomchi_WhisperRomance
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  • JiyoungChung_Whisper-Romance-III-III-2008
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Artist Links

° Chunghie Lee: www.koreabojagiforum.com

° Jiyoung Chung : www.jiyoungchung.com